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About Us

CMS is powerful Cyber Cafe management system that helps with managing customers, managing computers, accounting and billing. It simplifies and automates running your Internet Cafe business. Unlike manual cafe system, CMS is quick,secure, intuitive and easy to use. It is designed to have complete information of customers and to make life easier for Internet cafe owners, operators and customers.

The System constsists of following features:

(i) Computers Systems Monitoring
This feature manage each terminal occupied by users. Through this time entry, cost calculation etc. are automatically done.
(ii) Reception Entry
It make entry of those customers who don't use any computer system but provide revenue to cafe owner by taking printout, scan etc.
(iii) e-Billig
This features provide facility to generate electronic bill.
(iv) Duses Alert
This features automatically identify customers with dues account when their entry is made to use terminal(computer system).
(v) Cafe owner Account Management
Using this features cafe owner can change their name, logo etc. when there is need.
(vi) Customer Records Management System
This features maintain detailed information of customers. If already visited customer again visit the cafe, he/she does not need to provide all information once again. only customer mobile no. will be required, rest of customer's information automatically retrived and displayed from database.

(vii) Debit/Credit Management
Using this features customers debit/credit account can easil be manged.
(viii) Sale Statistics
It keep tracks of total sales amount through different services and products offered and sold.
(ix) Monthly Report Generation
This feature generates monthly reports in terms of daily sales amount.
(X) Customer Information Search by Name
Using this features detailed information of any customers can be known by providing name.
(Xi) Record Search by date and Customer name
Using this features transaction records can be generated for particular date or particular customer.